Monday, 10 January 2011


I just saw an advert for a dating website called Zoosk. You know the kind of thing; 'Unlucky in love? Find someone who's truly compatible with our super-duper mind matching doohickey service!'
There is one problem tho. It's called 'Zoosk.'
I don't think I would want to go out with someone who signed up to a website called 'Zoosk.'
Seiously, 'Zoosk'?!
Zoosk sounds like something a pre-school child would call a kiss.
'Zoosk Mummy, zoosk!' Then Mummy kisses her child which then laughs.
Not exactly the image you want a dating website to give now, is it?

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Fat Chan said...

I used to be on that dating site... or rather the Facebook application of it, then it started charging, so I kicked it square in the jaw an started to enjoy my lonliness.

I'd never much thought about the foolishness of its name... I saw/joined one once called 'WooMe', I think that wins. x