Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Weatherspoons Burgers.

Today me and my mates Humphrey and Adam were in a Weatherspoons (the one in town isn't actually too nasty and it sells Stowford Press cider which pretty much makes it worth going to by default) and were feeling a little peckish. There were some vouchers that had been given out for money off food, so we thought we'd eat there. We all had burgers.

One time when I went to ATP, me, Gen and our mate Alison all bombed a load of MDMA and missed seeing Fucked Up because we were all just sitting in the bowling alley bar staring vacantly and unable to move or converse. Occasionally one of us would say something like "Woah. I feel really spaced out." and the others would agree.

This is what it was like today in Weatherspoons about half an hour after we'd eaten their burgers. We were seriously monged. I don't know what the fuck they put in those, but it made us all feel very mellow and sleepy and unable to talk to each other or move very much.

I can only conclude that the marketing people at Weatherspoons should promote them as a legal high. They would make a shitload of money if they did that, I reckon.

You could say this is yet another of my million pound ideas. They would never take it on though. They'd probably be worried about negative reactions in the press or something.

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Fat Chan said...

I really, really enjoy the bean burger at wetherspoons and I know exactly what you mean, a gentle comfort of contentment fills you after. I'm sure it shouldn't happen... it is wetherspoons after all.

Is the only good cider at yours Stowford Press? The one in Stratford has a plethora of goodness in the cider range, it even had Addlestones recently. Other than that though, the Windmill pub (which I shall be going to tonight) serves mulled cider bitch... fucking cannot wait.

Also, come to Stratford slutfish, or I'll come to Oxford soon, if I can get a place to crash x