Thursday, 30 October 2008

The World Is Fucked.

At the moment in the news, there are some pretty big and important things happening right now:
There's absolute chaos going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tens of thousands of people are fleeing their homes, as infighting has escalated due to a rebel uprising. It's being called a "humanitarian crisis".
There's been an earthquake in Pakistan, killing 215 people and leaving tens of thousands homeless (up to 50,000 is the latest estimate). They are still trying to sift through wreckage to find people who are trapped.
Bombs have gone off in Assam, in India, killing 64 people. Apparently there were 18 separate explosions. Many more were injured (300 est.). There's been another suicide bomber in Afghanistan, they killed 4 people other than themselves and injured 23 others. Also a car bomb went off in Spain.
The whole world is suffering from this 'credit crunch', this recession. Economies are in danger, banks are going under and having to be bailed out, values of homes are falling, stocks plunging, etc etc etc.
There are "freak" weather conditions causing floods in Devon. There is a trial going on to determine what should happen about the shooting of an innocent man (Jean Charles de Menezes) on a tube train.
Oh, and in America there a little thing called the Presidential Election going on. It's a landmark election which will either see the first Black US president, or the first Female US vice-president. Either way, that's a pretty big step for the American Government. Whoever wins the election will be in charge of the country at a very difficult time. And as we all know, the decision of the American public impacts upon the whole world (and if McCain somehow manages to get himself voted into The White House, the whole rest of the world will either laugh of sigh with total disbelief, as we all say a collective "Oh for fuck's sake, not again").
I could go on, but most of you will be bored by now.

I would however be surprised if anyone in the United Kingdom knew about all of the things I've listed. Why? Because apparently, more important than this, is the fact that 2 people said some naughty things to someone on their radio show, a show which was on after the watershed. OH MY FUCKING GOD, HOW DARE THEY!! HOW CAN THIS TRAVESTY STAND?!
Seriously, this whole thing is fucking ridiculous. This is a non-story. This is nothing.
Yes, Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross said some tasteless things to Andrew Sachs. Yes they should've apologised for it, and they did. But this virtual lynching of them for the last 4 or 5 days is utterly ludicrous. The Sun today gave 5 whole pages to it. It took up about half of this evenings news at 10. It's on the front page of far too many newspapers. Andrew Sachs' granddaughter has been sucked into the tabloid media machine and is spouting basically whatever they want her to say.
Russell Brand has been practically forced into resigning and Jonathan Ross has been suspended for the rest of the year, EVEN THOUGH Andrew Sachs himself said that he was not after revenge, would not be taking this matter any further after getting his apologies and says he appreciates that they know they did something stupid and probably do feel very bad for it. He also said they will probably learn from this mistake and become better for it.
Which begs the question, if Andrew Sachs is happy with just getting sincere apologies from the pair, why this fucking witchhunt?! The BBC has not been disgraced, no matter how many tabloid journalists say it has. I personally find it a bit rich that newspapers that objectify women, continuously hound celebrities and have done things like the famous Mirror episode where they faked those military photos, which Piers Morgan, the editor of the Mirror at the time, got fired for (and then somehow bafflingly became a TV personality, in spite of the fact that he is a total cunt), can pull out the family values card whenever the mood takes them. Hypocritical much?

Seriously, when a non-issue like this gets blown out of all proportion to such a ridiculous degree, you know the world is fucked. The whole thing is absolutely pathetic.


Grundy said...

spot on axl, its got a bit out of control ain't it. newspapers will always be like this unfortunately. it was like last year, as you said back then, when the sun was trying to get that Sarah's Law pushed through and had a media frenzy moment about how people are all paedophiles etc, yet they were running their Page 3 Schoolgirl week at the same time. While on the subject of The Sun, did you see all that hooha about Katy Perry? the picture of her 'glorifying knives in this age of broken britain' was in fact a publicity shot she did over 3 years ago where an article was bing made which involved musicians dressing up as film characters. I can't believe how much its all been twisted, yet most fuckers fall for it time and time again.

Fat Chan said...

Sweet jesus I completely agree....I'm glad that not everyone has turned into mindless ranting morons, glad that some people still have sense left. I guarantee that 70% of those complaining and lynching 1. Didn't even listen to the show and 2. Don't like Russell Brand's and Jonathon Ross' humour at any other time anyway. It's been so fuckingly (yes that is my new adverb) blown out of proportion to what you rightly said should have been a simple apology and then move on, thank you general public you've now taken away 1 hour of enjoyable comedy (i.e. Russell Brand podcast) of my week and to fill the void I'm going to have to start knifing some of brought this on yourselves!

Tat said...

The show itself only received two complaints. Yes, you read that right. Two. It was only after some cunt in the media picked up on it did it achieve the 'record number' of complaints it has now. The whole debacle is just yet another example about how the majority of people should have been aborted.

Fat Chan said...

I think I like you tat!

Le_Gore said...

Can't believe people still buy papers! surely the interweb is taken over delivery of news. Hence the reason they need to dramatize EVERYTHING. Every summer they have Beckham is going here or Ronaldo is going here...and they run 15 variations of the story so at the end they can say "you heard it here first" (including story from a month previous saying Ronaldo is staying put). That's just with the sport to keep mugs buying the paper.

Celebrity stuff is just tripe raked up that like your mate said is 3 years old in some instances. And if its not stuff like this, its celeb/reality tv shows.

Toxic rubbish the lot of it.